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A United Bricolage Academy is a Stronger Bricolage Academy

Bricolage Family Members Can Support BAE United by Signing onto this Petition

Dear CEO Troave' Profice and Bricolage Academy Board of Directors,

We the undersigned family members of Bricolage Academy students are writing in support of the Bricolage Academy Educators-United (BAE-United). Our staff has spoken. They formed a union in order to have a formal voice in decisions made at Bricolage. Teachers have a unique position to advocate for what is best for themselves and for our children. In supporting the union, we stand by Bricolage’s values of empathy, integrity, and courage. We believe the formation of the union will help us achieve the mission of our school. We call on the Board of Directors to voluntarily recognize their union.


I support the teachers and staff at Bricolage!

Please take a moment and share an email of support with our school board members.  We have provided you with some sample messages or please feel free to create your own.  

Bricolage board email address are:

Yvette Jones -- Board Chair

Amel Cosey, PhD -- Vice Chair

Merritt Lane, III -- Treasurer

Deb Elam -- Secretary

Tiffany Harvill -- Board Member

Randy Philipson -- Board Member

Norman Barnum -- Board Member

Tonya Johnson -- Board Member

Annie Phillips -- Board Member


If you’d like to send the email to all of the board members simultaneously,

What is Collective Bargaining?

Some people might wonder, what are the goals of BAE United? The leadership at Bricolage has open doors to employees who wish to voice concerns. While we are grateful for that type of leadership, we want to secure equity and formalized methods for collaboration for Bricolage employees present and future. Leadership can change, but a recognized Union with Collective Bargaining has lasting power. 


We have come together as Bricolage Academy Educators United so that we can have the power to speak up for what we need as professional educators and what our students need in the classroom. Through our collective power as a union, we will be able to negotiate with our administration over the terms and conditions of our work lives -- to have an equal seat at the table as decisions are made. The only way to guarantee that we have a voice in these decisions is through the collective bargaining process.


After we win union recognition, we will begin negotiations with the administration over a first contract. At that point the administration is legally required to meet with us regularly and bargain in good faith. We will start by surveying everyone in the unit to understand our priorities, we will elect a bargaining committee to sit at the table and bargain the contract. We, alone, will set the priorities for negotiations. This won’t be a quick process, but rather an opportunity to be mindful and deliberate as we map out a vision for the future. 

Letter From UTNO President Wanda Richard to BAE United

I love my kids. Teaching preschool special education students is something that others might find challenging, but I find them inspiring. These kids are the underdogs, the forgotten people. They’re the ones that people think can't do, but they do. They strive and open up and grow, just like any other child. To be successful in this work, you just have to have a passion for what you do, and most of our teachers have a passion for what they do. And that’s why we come together in our Union -- that passion.

For Immediate Release: Bricolage Academy Educators Present Petition for Union Recognition


March 2, 2021

New Orleans, LA – Last week, teachers and school employees at Bricolage Academy submitted a petition to the schools’ board of directors requesting voluntary recognition of their union with the United Teachers of New Orleans.

The petition, which was submitted to the board on Wednesday, February 24 , was signed by 80% of eligible faculty and staff. These educators, collectively known as Bricolage Academy Educators United (BAE United) submitted the following Mission Statement as part of their
petition to the school:

Click here to see the full release.


Press: Bricolage Academy Teachers Form Union, Request Board Recognition


Teachers at Bricolage Academy have formed a union, New Orleans Public Radio has learned from United Teachers of New Orleans and teachers involved in the unionization process.

Bricolage Academy Educators United announced its formation in a letter sent to school leadership last Wednesday. The letter was shared with WWNO the following Monday.

“We believe that Bricolage will benefit from collaboration between management and staff through the formal process of collective bargaining,” the letter says.

Read the full article here.

A Message to the Bricolage Community: A Historic Day at Bricolage

Yesterday was an exciting day for Bricolage Academy! 


After years of organizing, educators reached the moment when we were able to submit a petition to the administration and the board asking that our union be formally recognized. Research and history have proven that by coming together in a more formalized way, educators will feel empowered and teacher retention increases! This union is meant to continue protecting what is already great about Bricolage by continuing to advocate for progress. 


Yesterday afternoon, a small delegation delivered a petition to Troave' and the Bricolage Board, asking for the Board to voluntarily recognize our union. We chose to go directly to Bricolage leadership instead of to the National Labor Board because we believe that this can be the beginning of a strong and positive collaboration. 80% of eligible employees signed the petition for recognition and we are proud and happy to have such a strong consensus among staff.

We Are Forming a Union!


On Wednesday, February 24th, representatives from the Bricolage Academy Educators United (BAE-United) presented a petition to the CEO Troave’ Profice and Bricolage Academy Board of Directors. This petition was signed by over 80% of eligible Bricolage staff and asked that the administration formally recognize their union.

Click here to see their letter!