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Bricolage Academy Educators File Petition with National Labor Relations Board



April 20, 2021


NEW ORLEANS, LA - Today, teachers at Bricolage Academy filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold an election for union recognition. The overwhelming majority of Bricolage employees have already expressed their intent to form a Union with the United Teachers of New Orleans, and this election will give staff the opportunity to finalize that decision.


These educators, collectively known as Bricolage Academy Educators United (BAE United), submitted their petition to the school’s Board of Directors over a month ago, asking them to voluntarily recognize their Union. After multiple overtures and weeks of waiting, the Board of Directors has yet to respond to the group’s requests for a meeting.


“We love Bricolage and its leaders. As a school that built out one grade at a time, we are playing catch up with some formalized systems. We believe that teacher and staff voice should be a foregone conclusion in school decision making, not an afterthought.” said Leigh Topp, a reading intervention teacher at Bricolage Academy. “A union is the only path to true equity for ourselves and our students. We had hoped that the Board of Directors would do the right thing and voluntarily recognize our union,” she continued.


A supermajority of eligible Bricolage employees signed the petition for union representation that was filed with the NLRB today. Election details will be determined by the NLRB Regional Office in the coming weeks.  


“Ultimately, as workers, this is our decision. We are moving forward because democracy in the workplace will make Bricolage a better place to work and learn. When educators and student support staff have the power to use our voices and collaborate with leadership, both students and workers will reap the benefits. We look forward to practicing the values of Bricolage Academy through the power of our union,” said Brittany Scofield, a music teacher at Bricolage Academy.


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