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Bricolage Board Meeting May 25 at 4PM

The Bricolage Board will hold their next board meeting on Tuesday, May 25th at 4:00PM. The agenda is here and zoom link is here.

Show your solidarity on the meeting by changing your zoom name as follows:

  1. Families: BAE Family, YOUR NAME

  2. Bricolage Staff: BAE United, YOUR NAME

  3. Allies and supporters: BAE Solidarity, YOUR NAME

Public comment is allowed before each vote. The items that will be voted on are: the minutes of the last board meeting, an addition of one new parent representative to the board, and the contract for the Interim CEO and Principal, Antigua Wilburn.  There will not be a public comment section specified for support of BAE, if you wish to comment on another agenda item that will be voted on make your comments relevant to that agenda item. In addition to celebrating an additional parent seat on the board at this meeting, we encourage you to celebrate the educators at Bricolage and the work that they have done to build a strong union.  Bricolage will be strengthened when educators have a formal seat at the table. Students will benefit from a school where teachers have formal protections in place and continuity. If you make comment at the Bricolage Board meeting to support BAE-United, we ask that you please keep your comments positive and forward looking.

  1. If you intend to comment on one of the items that will be voted on submit your public comment on this form.

  2. Ask for a copy to be sent to you.

  3. Forward it to us at to let us know you will be there and you plan to speak.

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