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Municipal Election 2021: Candidates Respond to Our Questionnaire

We developed and sent a questionnaire to every candidate running for mayor or city council on November 13, 2021. Here are the responses of the candidates who responded.

One candidate emailed us to let us know why she did not complete our questionnaire:

Good Morning

Yesterday someone called me to remind me to fill out my questionnaire. I greatly appreciated the call as this is well past due. I wanted to take just a short minute of your time to explain why I did not fill out the form. I dont want to say or promise or even imply that I can or will do something that even if elected I would have little to no power to do. I am a mother of 5, my children are now grown so I can say that I have truly "been there done that." However that certainly does not mean I know what is going on in the system. I can say that from the outside looking in, it has become increasingly frustrating to be an educator. There seems to be a lack of support from parents, government and even the students. I can say and I am willing to promise without doubt or hesitation that I am willing to listen to any educator or parent or guardian or even student who feels as though I may be able to help. I am happy to be a voice for empowering educators to teach.

When it comes to transportation, charter schools versus public schools. I need more education on the matter before being able to make a statement.

Thank you


Rosalind Reed Thibodeaux for City Council District B

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