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COVID-19 311 Calls

Here are all the calls made to the city's 311 line that are related to COVID-19 and that have the same address as a school. To find out more about the report, copy the service request number for the report and search for it on the city's NOLA 311 site.

If you see violations of the state's, city's, school district's, network's or school's COVID-19 policies at your school, please call 311 to report what you've seen. If you wish to report anonymously, indicate that when you speak to the person in the call center and do not provide your email address.  Make sure that your report is associated with the actual school address, not with the network office.  If you think you may have seen a violation, but aren't sure exactly what the policy is, please call and file a report so the city can follow up.

PLEASE NOTE: data from the city does not appear to include suite numbers in addresses, so a business in the same building as a school (but with a different suite number) may show up in this list, even though the report was for the business and not the school. The description on the city's search page should clear that up.

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