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United Teachers of New Orleans Announces the launch of re:Purpose: A grassroots Effort to Get Computers to Students in New Orleans

As students begin to return to schools virtually during the pandemic the United Teachers of New Orleans is collaborating with First Grace United Methodist Church on re:Purpose a program to facilitate the repair and donation of computers to students of Orleans Parish Public Schools. 

Schools across New Orleans as well as NOLA Public Schools have invested in purchasing computers for students to access virtual learning. The goal for schools and for NOLA Public Schools is to have one device for each student in order to facilitate successful virtual learning, but at the city council meeting Monday, August 3rd, it was not clear if all schools would be able to accomplish this goal. 

We are calling all businesses, community members and techs to support in this critical project to close the technology gaps in New Orleans.

Donate:                                We are requesting businesses and community members who have computers that they are no longer using, including computers that no longer work to make donations.  Please review the information about how to make donations here:

Volunteer:                          We need help to prepare computers for students. Tech’s interested in volunteering to help us get computers out to kids in need should go to:

Request a computer:     The amount of computers we are able to distribute will depend on the donations received.  Orleans Parish Parents whose children don’t have a computer should sign up to request a computer and we will reach out once computers are ready for distribution.

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