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Tell BESE: Teachers & Support Staff Need a More Significant Pay Increase

In their March meeting, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) will determine their Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) proposal to present to the legislature. The MFP makes up the state’s investment in K-12 education including teacher and school employee pay. If teachers and school employees are to receive a statewide pay raise this year, BESE must propose the raise next week.

In their Committee Meetings on Tuesday (3/8) and their Board meeting on Wednesday (3/9), BESE will consider the recommendation from the MFP Task Force, to increase pay by $1,500 for teachers and $750 for support workers. That recommendation also stated that if the state recognizes more revenue the raise should be increased to at least $2,000 for teachers and $1,000 for support employees.
Once BESE makes their proposal to the legislature, it cannot be altered. The legislature can simply approve it or reject it. Therefore, it is crucial for BESE to proposes the most significant raise, that can realistically be passed in the legislature.
Throughout the MFP Task Force meeting in February, LFT pushed for a larger pay increase. “If we’re to reach the Southern Regional Average by the end of the Governor’s term, I think we need to be more aggressive: $2,500 this year and $2,500 next year. And I think we need to put cost of living on there so that we don’t get so far behind” said LFT Legislative and Political Director Cynthia Posey.

Will you join us and ask BESE to pass a $2,500 raise for teachers and $1,250 for support staff?

We can’t waste any more time. The teacher shortage is hurting students right now. We must pass a significant pay raise this year, and get educator pay up to the Southern Regional Average before the end of the Governor’s term.

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