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Living School Teachers and School Employees Join UTNO

NEW ORLEANS, LA – On March 27th, teachers and staff of the Living School won their union. The Living School Board voted without objection to voluntarily recognize the Living School Educators United, which will become the newest chapter in the United Teachers of New Orleans, AFT Local 527. The Living School is the sixth charter school in New Orleans to enter into collective bargaining with their teachers and staff. 

At the Living School Board meeting on Tuesday evening, teachers presented their plan to the board. They explained their love for the school and their goal to improve and solidify top-tier working and learning conditions through the collective bargaining process.
“Living School is important to us. And it’s important to us that it lives up to our mission of being a democratic school. Our students deserve experienced, knowledgeable, and caring teachers. The way we keep excellent teachers is by making sure they are supported and have a voice in decision making. We need this place to succeed for our students and this unionizing effort is our way to solidify and protect what’s working well and to come to the table to problem solve the rest. We love our students and we know the collective will keep them at the center of our decision making.” Marielle Pichon, Living School Education Specialist
Over 80% of teachers and staff signed on with the Living School Educators Union in advance of Tuesday night's board meeting. In the coming months the Living School Educators United will begin negotiations with the School Board.

“We want to ensure we have a voice and a seat at the table. In the bargaining process, we want to help create an environment that is more sustainable for both teachers and students.” Alexandria Holmes, Education Specialist

About United Teachers of New Orleans, AFT Local 527

United Teachers of New Orleans is a union of professionals, organized to collectively and democratically increase equity in public education for students, parents, teachers, and communities in order to protect dignity and civil rights for all. Teachers and school personnel have found their voice and power for advocacy through Local 527 since its founding in 1937. The Rooted Union of Staff and Teachers is UTNO’s newest chapter, representing teachers and staff at the Rooted School. For more information, please visit

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