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Your AFT+ Member Benefits Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a new member and did not get a card. What should I do?

A: Within approximately 30 days of when you became a member, your local will have provided the AFT with your member information. Once your local has sent this information to the AFT, you should receive a membership card within four weeks. If, after that time, you have not received your card, please click here to check on the staus of your card.  Please include your name, local, correct mailing address and the date you became a member.

Q: I am a current AFT member but have not received a card. How can I request one?

A: To request a card, use the "Request Replacement Card" link located under “Get Help” on the members-only Web page. It is important that all information requested be completed. Incomplete address or contact information may delay the processing of your request. You do not need to complete the member number field in order to request a card, but your number is helpful if you know it. Allow up to four weeks for receipt of your card.

Or click here to request your replacement card by email. Please provide your name, local and current mailing address.

Q: What benefits do I get with my card?

A: All AFT members have exclusive access to AFT + member benefits programs, which include voluntary insurance plans, credit card programs and mortgage services, as well as hotel, car rental and entertainment offerings. Members can also participate in the AFT Advantage, a program that gives members online discounts and privileges at a wide array of retailers, restaurants and local merchants.

Click here to begin shopping.

Q: My name is incorrect on my membership card. How do I update this information?

A: If your name is spelled incorrectly or your last name has changed from the name printed on your card, your card is still valid. To report a name change to us, please use the "Request Replacement Card" link located on the right-hand side of the members-only Web page, and fill in the information requested. Include in the “Comments” section of the form, both the correct information, as well as the information you wish to change. Once completed, click submit at the bottom of the form and your request will be transmitted to AFT Membership. It is important that you include a valid phone number and e-mail address, so we can reach you if we need additional information. If you would like a replacement card that has your new information, check the appropriate box on the form. Once your information is validated, you should receive your new card within four weeks. It is important that you also contact your local union office with a name change update.

Click here to request name change.

Q: How do I report that my address has changed?

A: If your address has changed, log on to using your member ID, if you are a first-time user, or your personal account information, if your online account already has been set up. Select "my account" from the menu and provide us with your updated information. Also be sure to contact your local union office with your new information or click here to email your request..

Q: What if I need my member number? How can I get it?

A: You may contact your local directly for this information or contact AFT Membership by using the link provided on the "Get Help" menu of the members-only Web page, or click here to email your request.

Q: How often are membership cards renewed?

A: Beginning January 2010, no expiration date will be on your membership card. However, only members in good standing will continue to have access to AFT member benefits.

Q: Why have I received two membership cards?

A: You may have received two membership cards because you are a member of more than one AFT local. If this is incorrect, please contact the local union offices of the cards you have received.

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