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Statement on Passage of Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

In an act of social terrorism, the Louisiana legislature has sent three anti-LGBTQ+ bills to the desk of Governor Edwards to enact into law. HB 648 outlaws the gender-affirming care of minors, despite studies that show correlations between gender-affirming care and positive outcomes, such as decreased depression and harmful behaviors. HB 466 makes the discussion of topics related to sexual orientation in schools illegal. Both HB 466 and HB 81 forbid the use of a person’s preferred pronouns in schools.

If enacted, these laws would increase the alienation that young LGBTQ+ people already feel and put their lives at risk. For some, school is the only place where they can be themselves, see themselves, and learn they are not alone. These laws are an attack on freedom. They are personal, vicious, and draconian. We call on our governor to stand up to this bullying and veto these regressive bills that will not move Louisiana in the right direction.

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