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Educators at Lycée Français De La Nouvelle-Orléans Demand Recognition of their Union

Educators at Lycée Français De La Nouvelle-Orléans Demand Recognition of their Union

January 18, 2024- Today, teachers at Lycée Français De La Nouvelle-Orléans (LFNO) offered their administration the opportunity to voluntarily recognize their union and forgo a union election with the NLRB. Additionally, UTNO filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold an election for union recognition. The overwhelming majority of educators at LFNO have already expressed their intent to form a Union with the United Teachers of New Orleans. If the board of LFNO decides not to voluntarily recognize their union, the election conducted by the NLRB will give staff the opportunity to finalize that decision without delay.

“LFNO educators are a unique team of professionals coming from many different countries and backgrounds, and we provide our students with a very rich educational experience. We’re organizing with United Teachers of New Orleans because we deserve job security and better working conditions–which is in the best interest of our students as well” said Berenguer Becat, a History teacher at LFNO’s High School.

A supermajority of eligible LFNO employees signed union representation cards which were filed with the NLRB today. Election details will be determined by the NLRB Regional Office in the coming weeks.  

“We all care deeply about our work and about supporting our students and their education. We seek to provide an environment that is healthy, happy, and sustainable for teachers and students alike. We believe that unionizing will provide the best opportunity to work effectively with the Lycee administration to achieve these goals”, said Emily Florence, an ELA teacher at LFNO’s Early Learning Center Campus.


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