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BAE United

Yesterday was an exciting day for Bricolage Academy! 


After years of organizing, educators reached the moment when we were able to submit a petition to the administration and the board asking that our union be formally recognized. Research and history have proven that by coming together in a more formalized way, educators will feel empowered and teacher retention increases! This union is meant to continue protecting what is already great about Bricolage by continuing to advocate for progress. 


Yesterday afternoon, a small delegation delivered a petition to Troave' and the Bricolage Board, asking for the Board to voluntarily recognize our union. We chose to go directly to Bricolage leadership instead of to the National Labor Board because we believe that this can be the beginning of a strong and positive collaboration. 80% of eligible employees signed the petition for recognition and we are proud and happy to have such a strong consensus among staff.


We Are Forming a Union!


On Wednesday, February 24th, representatives from the Bricolage Academy Educators United (BAE-United) presented a petition to the CEO Troave’ Profice and Bricolage Academy Board of Directors. This petition was signed by over 80% of eligible Bricolage staff and asked that the administration formally recognize their union.

Click here to see their letter!